Use Umbreo, to install and configure your servers instantly

Go live instantly

Umbreo is simple to use and requires no complex installation, language or code. Get your servers ready today with Umbreo.

Mission Critical Systems

Setting up Failover & High Availability with Umbreo is a no-brainer. Umbreo configures your infrastructure so it's ready for your mission critical systems

Gain Control & Insight

Umbreo's powerful dashboard gives you full control over your entire IT infrastructure and keeps you informed through a world of charts, metrics and alerts.

Available Everywhere

Umbreo can configure your cloud servers, virtual servers and your bare-bone servers. It's compatible with all major Linux distributions

Application Lifecycle Management

Umbreo does not only handle installation of software but also configures common tools and task such as monitoring, backup, log rotation and much more.

Enterprise Support

We offer support on many levels from standard support to fully managed infrastructure so you can focus on your product

Make life much easier
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Umbreo is a cloud platform that gives companies the power to easily build enterprise class it-infrastructure.


We go beyond traditional configuration management, providing a service giving system administrators and developers the ultimate control, insight and automation necessary to build scalable IT-Infrastructure quick and easy within minutes.


Sign up now for FREE, NO credit card needed. Start using Umbreo now and discover how fast, simple and easy it is to setup servers with Umbreo.

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